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so much more than an amp -- and yet, not.


no Internet... until now.

I'm in Austin... and it sort of struck me that it's the daily life of somebody *just living* in Mecca?
It isn't all guitar gods and nightclubs, in other words.

it's like that Zen saying:

Before Enlightenment:
chop wood, carry water.

After Enlightenment:
chop wood, carry water.

The rat race is everywhere, but you can choose where you put it aside and what you pick up when you aren't being a rat.
On your wheel. In your cube farm cage.
For which I envy you all right now.

Right now I'm filling out those online applications, and finding out where to pick up applications for places that aren't online.
I put off driving without a guide for a week... ye gods, it's a big city.

I'm an observer -- this interactive / proactive stuff is not my thing.

I'm also off line for a few days unless I can get a hook up at the library...
Still have that out-of-state license, though.


It's been over 24 hours without an Internet connection, and I have been a very good girl. I've been coping.

I just hope it gets hooked up in the morning and I don't have to get through another day WITHOUT!

I'm in my apartment, and getting adjusted to being able to talk out loud to myself all the time. I have always used "a talking cure" for myself (talking out loud and working things out) but usually, I did it when no one's around to wonder.."hmmmm maybe that's certifiable".

I'm a writer. I can create several characters to have discussions; I run dialog through my mind constantly. And it's with people who exist, whether wholly fabricated or existing in their own reality somewhere else.

Not so crazy, the idea that it could come across as certifiably cra-zee.

It's rather.. weird: I've recently begun to think of myself "As A Writer". I suppose that's a "duuuuh-UH!" thing for folks who read this blog.
There are a lot of things I'm getting from Being in Austin; this is one of them. Self-image.

I had my hair cut Thursday -- the two-tone brown ends silver roots look is gone. Now... I'm just "going blond gradually" hehehe.
I thought of dying it ketchup red or ... and where that MIGHT work to get a job at BookPeople ("I pierced my nose for you! And other places -- am I chic enough to work here yet?!" -- I was told if I sent a video tape AUDITION / mini-movie I'd have a better than average chance at getting my application looked at. Hullo, wait -- do you want to employ filmmakers, or people who love books? sheesh. Seems they have to turn away wanna-bes in droves. Narf.) I kinda like getting silver haired. I've earned it, and by yimminy -- I'm gonna enjoy it!


I had a dream I was playing cosmic bocce ball and my last ball went... ummm... really off; it held me between the dream and waking trying to track where it went.


Yes I'm back online -- I was offline for a few days. Hellish. I can get along without TV, but I need the Internet.

So now I'm in my apartment, which is small, but wonderful. Evidently the guy who lived here previously was half wild boar and half party animal -- everything was repainted, new carpet was rolled in, new countertops were applied -- there are some ... "interesting" dents on the frige but nothing serious. All the appliances work. The one weird thing is the shower pipe was installed at 5 feet. This is wonderful for taking a shower and not washing my hair, if a little awkward for shampooing. But hey -- I bend!

I just had the first of "knocks on the door" from someone looking for the previous tenant. I was a little concerned that the sort of lifeform that would come looking for the critter who used to live here would be... um.. frightening. Fortunately -- quelle surprise! -- it looked and sounded like a college student, was very apologetic; and from the shocked expression on his face, he was thinking his Mom was suddenly in residence where one of the pack animals used to be.

The hunt for employment continues...


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