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Bee Caves Road -- or, I'm in hell...

I do NOT like to drive. I generally prefer to leave the driving to people who LOVE to drive. They tend to have the gift of a sense of direction, which makes driving.. you know... rather FUN, I should imagine.

Bee Caves Road. This is the name of a fairly extensive road the goes through the southern part of Austin. There is also an "Old Bee Caves Road".
And, I do believe, other Bee Caves Road(s) in other towns outside of Austin.
Or, that's my perception from the black hole pocket of hell I found myself in early Yesterday afternoon.

Having managed to get myself to, and back from, Church on Sunday; I decided I could -- with directions -- go the 3/4's of a mile to the HEB in this neck of the woods and pick up an application.

I missed the turn off road, ended up at the terminus of Far West which fires you onto MoPac -- and two hours later, having driven down AND THEN AROUND Austin, got myself back to the house shaken and slightly nauseous.

during the first quarter of my adventure, mucking around the Industrial Park-ville and otherwise dusty lonesome Bee Caves Road (with the David Byrne spoken lines from "Once in a lifetime" ringing in my head) I think I nearly escaped quicksand and Rattlesnakes. Had I literally been captured by "The Bees" and entombed in their caves as food supplement for larve, I wouldn't have been surprised at all.

If it had been possible to track my movements via GPS, the folks in the front office would have saved my adventure for the year end blooper reel.

I learned some interesting things about myself today.
1. -- I have an unnatural sense of direction. I will inevitably pick THE WRONG WAY and it's only by counter-action of inclination I make any semblance of transverse correction.

2. -- I can turn my truck around in places I wouldn't want to have to swing a bicycle. Good little truck. May it continue to compensate for my erroneous ways.

3. -- No matter how bad things are, or seem to be getting -- in the midst of it all -- Life Is Sweet.

Just pack a water bottle and toilet paper....
A compass and a map will be added to the arsenal, as well.


Anonymous Lauren said...

I hate driving. It's lovely living in a city with great public transportation. I only get behind the wheel a few times a year now - when I'm visiting family back East.

2/28/2006 8:55 AM  
Anonymous RobertG said...

I spent a few weeks in Germany some years ago. I did not drive the whole time and only rode in a car once. It was a nice change. Occurred to me that theirs is a culture that had automobiles added later, unlike America where the automobiles are so much of our culture. Burt Munro, the character portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in The World's Fastest Indian, remarks on that after arriving in Los Angeles from New Zealand.

2/28/2006 11:15 AM  
Blogger Ellie said...

Good luck on the app at HEB. Interesting tidbit. HEB stands for the owners name H.E.Butts. Nevermind the name, the food is just fine. But you should be shopping at Whole Foods, or better yet find a nice little coop close to you.

Incidentally, I asked a well know musician we both know if there really are bee caves on Bee Caves Road. He looked at me and said quietly, "Ah I think there use to be" I was only joking but I think he thought I was serious.

3/01/2006 7:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Learn to read a map, and all is well.

3/03/2006 8:44 PM  
Blogger Jeen Lilly said...

ummm yeah. about that map thing...

I can read a map. I have a fabulous map of Austin and it's environs. I got it the afternoon after my scenic tour.

However --

Austin is being re-routed on a daily basis. The big boom down here is construction.

It's outrageous, but the city power brokers are fighting the "native" residents who don't want change by bringing in millions of NEW residents who just want a place to live and work and send their kids to school.

Authentic Austinites are rarer than Mermaid's falsies.

Be that as it may -- the map I have is terrific. I needed to find an address today that is the junction of 620 and 2222. With 15 minutes invested in map searching, I put in a call to S.M. -- who confused me even more ("Well it used to be..") I did grasp the gist of it -- and arrived at the correct place in a reasonable amount of time.

Yay me.

Also -- I love love LOVE Whole Foods Market; in a word it's fantastic. Ideally I'd love working there, or at Central Market (The HEB version of Whole Foods) but I will take what I can get and be grateful for the paycheck.

3/03/2006 9:28 PM  

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